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At 3 Monkeys AV we realise that churches and houses of worship have unique requirements that differ from other organisations.
We address these requirements while enabling your church to take advantage of new technologies.

Irrespective of whether your church requires assistance with a whole system or is simply seeking individual components 3 Monkeys can access a wide range of products ideal for use in churches.

Below are just some of the issues we take into careful consideration when designing a system, or recommending products, for your church.


Wireless Microphones






Ease of Use

3 Monkeys understands that while your church needs to embrace new technology to get your message across, it's not always easy to find knowledgeable volunteers to operate the equipment.

Systems can be very involved, and require a trained audiovisual operator to conduct a service.

3 Monkeys AV has developed an audiovisual control system specifically designed for churches. This system enables control of multiple components from an intuitive touch screen panel enabling members of your church to conduct a ceremony with confidence that every aspect of the audio visual system will work seamlessly.


Aesthetic and Historic Issues

3 Monkeys AV works closely with your church to ensure that the equipment installed impacts as little as possible with your church's architecture.

Taking advantage of new technology, in speaker and audio processing design in particular, we can achieve great sound with speakers that have a considerably smaller profile than those of the past, ensuring a rich audio experience without compromising on aesthetics.

Scale and Expansion

With the wide range of audio visual equipment available today selecting the right equipment for your church can be difficult. 3 Monkeys AV takes care to choose products that provide the performance and quality required without unnecessary expenditure.

A common issue we have seen with churches is the purchase of audio visual systems to suit current requirements, which become obsolete when church membership expands. We prefer to use a building block approach in the designing of our systems, supplying components that can be used to expand the system to suit the growing requirements of your church.

Free Analysis Service

3 Monkeys AV provides a free Audiovisual System Analysis and Plan, valued at $250. We visit your church to analyse your existing system to identify any issues, we will discuss frustrations or problems you might be experiencing and establish your specific requirements.  We can then offer advice on ways to improve the performance and/or functionality of your system.

Click here to arrange your this free service.

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