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Control Automation

Control Automation provides the simplification of the way in which AV (or audio visual) equipment is controlled in the commercial environment.

Whilst the possibilities offered by modern AV technologies are very attractive, the operation of these devices - especially in coordination with each other - often becomes very complex!

3 Monkeys AV provides solutions to streamline the operation of AV equipment, making the equipment both accessible and easy to use. This in turn ensures staff feel completely confident when operating our systems.

What can be controlled? 

Almost everything that can be switched on or off,  turned up or down, selected or adjusted. Many of our AV systems are automated so that at a touch of a button projectors, screens, source and audio components are are switched on and configured ready to use.

Control of ancillary items such as blind and lighting are often integrated with the control system to provide one central point of control for the entire room.

Why invest in control equipment?

A well designed control system simplifies the operation of your Audio Visual system, creating greater ease of use and with the added bonus of the prevention of potential damage to various parts of your audio visual components.

3 Monkeys Control Systems also often include an auto-shutoff feature, continually monitoring the room for movement and automatically shutting down the system after a period of time. This environmentally friendly feature saves on electricity usage and also extends equipment life!


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