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Hearing Assistance

With Australia's largest demographic group now moving into their mature years, hearing assistance is now becoming much more of an issue than it was in the past...

At the 3 Monkeys we love to help those who require hearing assistance. Call us or scroll down to have a read of some of the truly amazing hearing devices available on our market today!

Induction loops

Infrared Hearing

RF Transmission

Hearing LoLoop Designops

A Hearing Loop (also known as an Induction Loop) is an installed wired system which takes an audio signal, and transmits it as a magnetic field which a hearing aid then receives as a signal. This then converts the signal back to high quality audio for the listener.

Basically, an effective hearing loop dramatically improves the separation of signal (e.g. speech) from background noise for a hearing aid user.

Hearing Loop systems are the most effective and indiscriminatory form of assistive listening systems available today and range in size from a one person TV chair, to service counter loops, to larger scale installations for churches, theatres, council chamber's and so on...

Call Us on 9228 1681 or Contact Us Online today for more information or to take advantage of our free analysis where we come out and visit your premises, assess and discuss the feasibility of installation and provide you with a detailed plan of action.


Infrared Hearing System

Often used where a Hearing Loop isn't feasible, an Infrared Hearing system uses a transmitter that emits signals to users wearing headset or beltpack receivers and headphones.

Infrared systems are extremely useful in locations where privacy or 'noise spill' issues are relevant, as the signal can be confined to the one room in which it is being used.

Schools and law courts often use infrared systems to prevent noise spill from one room to another...

If you're unsure, call us today to ask us any questions you have, and we will be delighted to help you find the perfect hearing assistance system for your work or home environment today.


Radio Frequency Transmission Hearing Assistance

A Radio Frequency Transmission System utilises radio frequency for communication. The system comes with a central transmitter which can either be a stationary unit or a belt pack system, and an included lapel or headset microphone. The transmitter then sends radio signals out to as many users as required, each with their own belt pack receivers and accompanying headphones.

This is the ideal hearing solution for those that don't have the budget to install a hearing/induction loop... It's cost effective, and ideal for churches, meeting halls, community centres and much much more.

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