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PA Systems

PA (or Public Address) Systems come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Whether you're looking for a Portable PA, an installed permanent system, or if you're a school, church, restaurant, council or other looking for some friendly advice, you have come to the right place!

We have over 60 years combined experience in the design, supply and installation of PA Systems here in Perth, and would be delighted to help you find the right PA for you today!

We have a multiple check list system to ensure that the systems we supply are easy to use, ensuring your message gets across exactly how you want it to. Call us now on 9228 1681, Contact Us online today or have a browse below for expert advice, an obligation free quote and the best guaranteed prices in Perth!

Portable PA

Installed PA

Zoned PA

School PA

Portable PA

Portable PA's are designed for those on the move, but still have the need to address large groups of people over a specified area...

We supply only the best battery operated stand-alone Portable PA Systems in Perth, as well as various cabled PA Systems, according to your needs or desires.

A 3 Monkeys cabled Portable PA System usually consists of a central unit with an onboard audio mixer and amplification, attached to speaker cabinets which can be mounted on transportable stands or to wall brackets when in use.

Our systems can also include wireless microphones, CD/MP3 players, and even the facility for laptop computers..  We build systems around your particular requirements.

Contact Us now for Perth's best prices, free expert advice and an obligation-free quote today!

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Installed PA System

An Installed Public Address System provides an even greater coverage over a specified area. We specialise in providing installed PA systems that give a consistent level of audio over a given area.

This means that everybody receives clear announcements without excessive volume levels, and sound is contained within the areas required. This will significantly reduce complaints from nearby residents or businesses!


Zoned PA

A zoned PA system provides the facility to page or allocate music to various areas of your facility. An example of this is the ability to have one radio station allocated to your offices while service/store staff can listed to another.

Independent paging into multiple areas is often a requirement nowadays, and here at the 3 Monkeys AV, we take pride in providing you with the best PA System for your application.
Contact Us today to find out which PA you need, Perth's best prices and the friendliest expert advice available.


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