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Recreation and Health

3 Monkeys AV understand that the sports and recreation can be a demanding environment for AV equipment. Over the years we have developed a number of solutions to cater specifically for the sports and recreation industry.

Aerobic Systems

Sound systems for aerobic instruction has become a speciality of 3 Monkeys AV.  We understand the physical environment this equipment must perform in and have tried and tested a wide range of products then developed systems that handle the consistent rigours of high impact use.

Monkeys AV have the experience to provide your aerobic facility with products that enhance the exercise atmosphere and become a feature in the retention of class numbers. 

From instructors headsets and wireless belt packs to audio mixing facilities, amplification and speakers, our systems support the clarity required to satisfy both staff and class participants.

Sound Systems For Sports Centers

Sports and recreation centres are often used by a wide range of clubs and associations, each with their own requirements.

3 Monkeys AV take careful consideration the following crucial issues when designing an audio system.

  • Who will need to use the system and what are their particular requirements.
  • How accessible and easy is the system to use.
  • Safety and Security - authorised use and interfacing with warning systems and evacuation procedures.
  • Sonic Quality and speech intelligibility.
  • Durability.
  • Budget Constraints.

Sports and Recreation centres often have challenging acoustical sound environments with high background noise levels. 3 Monkeys AV conduct  specialist audio modelling to ensure that correct speaker choice and placement is made. 3 Monkeys AV have the experience to provide systems that meet budgetary requirements while providing years of trouble free operation.

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